Pocket UI KIT uses React Native & by using that you are allowed to easily deploy your app to Android & iOS with a single development codebase.

Let's start

  • First, you need to have the Pocket UI KIT package. You can get that by buying the product
  • Place the folder containing the Pocket UI KIT into the root directory of your project. (You can change its location).
  • Update your package.json file to have
    "react-native-pocket": "./react-native-pocket"
    in the dependencies section
  • Run
    yarn install
    npm install
    to get the package into package.lock.
  • You are now done. But if you use Expo you can start that and just run the simulator to see your project and get started.


  • We offer examples/screens for all the design elements so you can have a look into the
    folder and get the code for each screen from there.

Images & Icons

  • Images used on the project can be changed easy by just updating the component details.
  • Icons that we use are from a simple package that we included into the module and are from FontAwesome (

Video Tutorial


If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us on the chat bubble in this page or by email at:

Please keep in touch with us as we are releasing updates to the products we have so you can get those for free.

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